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Adding Lightbox Like Effect to Layout (Object Opacity)?

Question asked by KenHoopes on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by bigtom

Has anyone had success with opacity and layout dimming that will render a Lightbox like effect? I am trying to do just that but I am not having any success. My scenario, with accompanying image, is as follows:


I have a layout (1) that has an image along with some buttons. I then have another layout(2) that is merely a copy of layout 1, but I have added a text element, as well as a button, and have placed a rectangle with a 75% opacity on the entire layout, where the original layouts elements are behind this rectangle box, and the new elements are placed in front. As you can see, in layout 2, this looks fine in design mode. However, as soon as I leave design mode (3) the picture and buttons appear as if they are in front of the opaque rectangle and do not appear grayed out at all, while the header (or background) does remain grayed out. I am not sure why this behavior exists, and have tried changing the rectangle to black then adding opacity, but it has the same results. Does anyone know a way to make something like this work?