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    WebDirect: Flicker while entering test


      FileMaker Server, 6GB of Ram Cache (also tested with 512 MB)

      Server: Mac OS X 10.10, Mac mini, i7 2 GHz, 16 GB of RAM.

      One WebDirect user while testing. No other services than FileMaker Server Active.

      Wifi access to relatively fast network.


      WebDirect, very simple layout, only one table, no relations, no script triggers.


      While entering text into a standard text field every 3-5 seconds the entire screen redraw/flicker without any obvious reason.


      Please see the enclosed QuickTime movie.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Although I am unable to replicate the issue, I'll need some more details.


          Are you connecting via WebDirect using http or https?  If https, what SSL certificate are you using?


          What browser are you using?  What version of the browser?  Do you get the same result when using a different browser?


          The current version of FileMaker Server is 14.0.3.  The update can be downloaded through Knowledge Base Article #15247:



          Let me know what else I can do to replicate the constant refreshing issue.



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