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Best practices for file storage with FileMaker?

Question asked by ryanmead83 on Oct 30, 2015
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Hi everyone.  I use FileMaker as our CRM so we also upload files to accounts and so on periodically.  Usually they are small, 80% of the time they are just Outlook .msg files the rest PDFs of 1-2MB in total.  Right now my database is 75MB in size.

I don't notice any performance issues or anything like that, but it got me thinking, is it smart to keep all the files in the same database as the file records?  We use FileMaker server which is hosted, so I can't save files to a folder on the server, but I might bring it in house later so that could be an option if there's a way to save them to a folder on the server vs the file.  The other option I guess is a second database just for the files, so that I have 2 files or whatever?  Or does it matter if they are all in one?  Just not sure how that would work when the database file becomes like 500MB+ so thought I'd check to see what most people do.  Thanks so much as always.