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How to check delete privilege of record, without trying to delete

Question asked by lumberjacklane on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by dtcgnet

Is there a way to check the privileges of the current user, on the current record, to see whether they will be able to delete the current record?  We are using FileMakers custom privileges, with a calc to determine if the current user can delete a record in the table.  I would like to build some logic into some scripts, to do various tasks depending on the users ability to delete the current record, but I need some sort of function to get the state of the users ability to delete.


I can just simply copy / paste the calculation from the custom delete privilege to the script, but then we have to remember to update both, wherever I do this, whenever we make a change to one or the other.  Or we could create a custom function, and reference the custom function in both places, but then we will have to create a bunch of custom functions.  Not really ideal.


Any functions for this, or other ideas how to tackle this issue, are greatly appreciated!