Getting webdirect to allow browser credential saving

Discussion created by dreed on Oct 30, 2015

I also posted this in fmforums, but didn't get any bites after a couple days so I figured I'd post it here as well.  basically trying to get the webdirect credential challenge form to allow users to save credentials in the browser in the same way that iwp (and the fms admin console) allow.  Any ideas?





Back in the days of IWP, it was possible to change the iwp_auth.html page so that the authentication form would allow a user to save the username/password in the browser for future access.  This worked fairly well in place of SSO for web users since it only required them to click one more time and change the saved password when their AD password changed.

I can't find anything in the docs or on forums for accomplishing a similar goal in webdirect.  The fmwebd_home.html file only has a shell which could allow you to put your own logo, etc on the db home page, but I can't find anywhere to modify the authentication form.  I fear the code for it is in some jar file and there's no config file that allows enabling of saving passwords

Without this feature, I fear that users will rebel at having to input their IT mandated 15 character strong passwords again every time they access a db.