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Portal row (1st row) is "inactive" but the second one is OK

Question asked by hoib on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by user19752

I have a portal in Timesheets that is working but is giving me some odd results/views.

If I open up Timesheets, the portal row populates with two identical lines.  There really should be only one blank row at the top when this is first opened.  The first line is "disabled" that is, no matter what we try in that first "rogue" row no data appears.  But the second row allows data input, dropdowns all work.  It just leaves a blank row annoyingly at the top of the layout.


I've carefully reviewed the positioning of the portal fields in layout mode because I know all field elements of the portal must be completely contained within the portal.  I went so far as to use the inspector to ensure the portal dimensions were high and wide enough and that all fields elements were smaller and positioned dead center vertically.  To me they look fine and again, that second row allows input and once it's filled out, the third row appears as it should.


What am I missing here?