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    Portal sorting causes FileMaker to crash


      Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced14.0.3

      OS and version: 10.9.5 - OS X


      Description: I have one table with more then 100 000 records in it. On one specific layout i use a portal with sorting embedded in the relationship. After my application opens I go to that specific layout where the portal is drawn on. FileMaker shows a dialog that he is sorting the records. At the end of this dialog FileMaker crashes.


      A basic FileMaker function causes a crash? Quit critical in my eys. At the customer side I solved the problem by reducing the amount of records in the sorted portal. However when you load the database remotely through a slower internet connection FileMaker crashes again..


      How to replicate: Create a table with many records. Create a layout with a portal sorted through the relationship or in the portal itself (I used descending on the primary key).

      You can find an example file on the following location: http://kevinvdb.be/fmcrash.fmp12.zip



      A. Place the portal on your layout where the application starts on. The portal will load and is sorted without a crash.

      B. Reduce the amount of portal records