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Specify Output File problem with Batch Export Container field contents script

Question asked by wvalawyer10800 on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by wvalawyer10800

I've made a simple script to export container field contents from a portal as follows:



     Go to Layout [Selected Layout]

     Go to Portal Row [Select; Next; Exit after last]

     Export Field Contents [Container]

End Loop


The result is that I have to save using the save dialogue box for every export.  I would prefer to be able to batch export all the field container contents at the same time with them being saved by their individual file names (e.g. untitled001.pdf, untitled002.pdf, etc.)  But when attempting specify an output, I get an error that says, "Container fields cannot be exported."  I have seen several posts that suggests using GetTextAs or using $path to save each automatically.  I have also seen one post that says the container contents must be saved as reference to make "GetTextAs" work, but I have tried this as well with the result being that it does not extract the file name and only saves the last container contents in the loop.  I am a FileMaker newbie, so pardon me if I'm not making sense.