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Assistance Needed for a Computer Technician Database

Question asked by TheAaronLeigh on Nov 2, 2015
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Hello forum,


This is my first post and I am new to the community. It's good to be here.


Here's a quick disclaimer, I work for a Computer Repair store and we were, up until recently, using an old version of FMP (6 I believe). The database we were using to track our jobs and repairs worked for years and that did the job well. But we have finally decided to make the leap to the latest version for a few unimportant reasons.


So I spent some time familiarising myself with Filemaker and started work on creating a new database and with the help of the internet I have been able to recreate the same database we once used but using the newest software. That's fine. No problems. But...


We have been thinking about our productivity with the database and I think we would like to try a different setup. But I need your help.


Let me try my best to explain our workflow, currently we do the following.


1. Customer brings computer in, we create a new entry.

2. Customer fill out form prints and customer write down what's wrong and their contact info

3. We input customer data, computer data, faults and symptoms with any added information necessary.

4. Print out two forms with the above details, one for the customer and one for ourselves.

5. Finish job, make notes and print out completion form when the device is ready for collection.


This is okay, but each job has a Job Number, that increases by one every time we create a new job (i.e 18962) we are able to search for customer name, detail etc to find any returning customers and create a form using the previous input data.


What we were thinking of trying is this, instead of creating just a job number, we actually create a customer "card file" and within this card file we create jobs or tasks. So when a customer returns with a new issue in need of fixing, we can ask if they have been into our store before. Find their "card file", and quickly see any other tasks they have had done in our store all in the one screen.


The part I don't understand how to do, or if its even possible, is how to create a new customer (essentially a new entry) and THEN create new jobs within that customers "card file" with its own, unique job number (or serial) so that we can do a FIND on the individual number when customers call etc.


Hopefully I'm making sense, if not feel free to ask any additional questions and I'll do my best to answer them.


Thanks in advance for any assistance given!