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    A new look at portal sorting


      Some recent posts about portal sorting got me thinking... there must be another way... possibly an easier, simpler way.


      I recently posted up an enquiry about recursive custom functions and... thanks to the wonderful help from other great developers on this forum,

      I think I've come up with a pretty neat solution to the portal sort challenge.


      It may have been done before, I'm not sure...? I'd encourage people to try and break it (aka test it).


      I have attached the file, please let me know what you think.

      If it works 100%, feel free to use the technique, if it does not work, please let me know.

      I think it should be easily retro-fitted to existing solutions and seems to work pretty gosh darn quickly as well.


      I may be pushing the envelope with this one, so if anyone can see some potential problems, please alert me to them, if I can work around it, I'll fix it and post another one.


      Thanks for any feedback, suggestions, critique (be nice)


      Uses a portal refresh, so v14 is recommended