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Looking for the best way to lock a privlege group into a specific layout

Question asked by evansj2 on Nov 2, 2015
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Hello all

We have created a trouble reporting system and have a privilege set of basic users who we want to lock into their own record in the users database/layout.


The System In a nut shell

Users in privilege set "fmp_basic", log on to the system via the web interface and one database immediately grabs their user ID, privilege group and timestamps their entrance.


Afterwards they are put into the User database/layout.  From there we created a set of tab pages which have portal links to the trouble reporting database, the AV Projects and the Machine Shop Projects databases.


You click on the Add/Edit button and a popup window gives you the fields to enter . Amazingly it all works great, now w just need to lock the group "fmp_basic" into their own record in the user database and we are all set.


I spent the weekend trying different versions of Omit/Find/Holy Water and candles with no luck.


Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do that?