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Dwindling Value List Issues

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Nov 3, 2015
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I have been going through the excellent YouTube tutorial on Dwindling Value Lists, but for some reason, although everything I'm doing looks the same, the dwindling part isn't working ... I still see all values in the list.


I have a Vendor table, a categories table, and a vendor_categories table.


I have a calculation field defined in the VENDORS table to be "CATEGORIES_SELECTED". This field, for now, is just a calculation: List(VENDOR_CATEGORY::CAT_FK).


Per the video, I then relate this field to the TO for Categories TO I called "CATEGORIES_NOT_SELECTED"



I created a value list corresponding to the categories not selected like this:



I changed the field on the layout to use the new dropdown value list:



After still allowing me to enter duplicates (for some reason the dwindling value list ... isn't), I see this in the VENDORS:CATEGORIES_SELECTED field:



The value list dropdown, even though, as shown above, I'm using the "<>" relationship between vendors and "CATEGORIES_NOT_SELECTED" (the separate categories TO required), also shows that I can keep picking the same value over and over:



A bit frustrating.


Would welcome any suggestions.




- m