Why is my WebDirect Export only showing a few records?

Discussion created by amandahbell on Nov 2, 2015
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Please be kind, I'm not a developer just trying to get some organization in my office.


Running 14.0.3 on Windows file hosted on server.


Here is my script:

Sort Records by Field [Ascending; Inventory::Availability]

Export Records [Window (ANSI)]

Go to Layout ["Inventory | Web" (Inventory)]


I have 314 records but only 1-4 download, and I don't know why. That is my biggest problem right now.


Ideally I'd like to have it produce an Excel file, but I'll take a .mer file because I know that the Excel download is not compatible with Web.

I'd also really like it to just create the file for the user to download without having to do too many pop-up boxes, but it won't let me get the desktop path. So the user has to go through all of the pop-ups.