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    Data not visible in a related table.


      My Filmmaker DB has tables for ORDERS, OrderDetails, and BUDGET related so that OrderDetails is a join table,between the other two. It is related to Orders by OrderID_fk, and to BUDGET by BudgetID_fk. In the relationship graph I created another occurrence of the join table called Ordered_BUDGET and related it to the BUDGET table again by BudgetID_fk. When I open a layout based on Ordered_BUDGET the layout shows that there are 2593 total records (the correct number), but many of the later entries show as completely blank. All records are visible in the original table. What would cause this?

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          What do you mean by "all records are visible in the original table"?

          I don't see a TO called Ordered_BUDGET in your picture.

          If the structure called Ordered_BUDGET is in fact an instance of the join table you described and you are on a layout based on the Ordered_BUDGET table occurrence and the last records are blank that is because the last records are blank. Something in your system is creating blank records in the join table.

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            Sorry. It is a little confusing. I had abbreviated the table names when I wrote the post and also got trapped by auto correct. I decided to add the images as an aftertbought.

            When I said "original table I was referring to OrderDetails. The other two tables are actually Marketing Budget and OrderDetails_MARKETING BUDGET. OrderDetails_MARKETING BUDGET is another iteration of OrderDetails.

            I can see all the records if I view them in an OrderDetails layout. If I view a layout based on OrderDetails_MARKETING BUDGET a number of the later records appear blank. Being based on the same table why would they be blank in one case but not the other?

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              If they are in fact two different layouts based on TO's of the same base table then the found set is a likely culprit. Do you use go to related record to get to the layouts or perform a find once your there?

              The order details table has the same records no matter what TO your on until you traverse a relationship to get there or enact a find once your there.

              perhaps you should post the file and indicate exactly how to reproduce the issue in the file.