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FileMaker 11, Send Mail script step and Outlook 2016 (Windows)

Question asked by DamonCasey on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2016 by KarlAmundson

A client has received a replacement computer which has Windows 10 64-bit and Office 2016 32-bit. They are running FileMaker Pro 11 and their solution saves a PDF, generates an email and attaches the PDF. This has stopped working on the new computer (I wasn't told of this replacement in advance).


They tell me no email is created and no error message is received, although the PDF is saved. I haven't had a chance to check if Set Error Capture is On and if there is any error checking in the script (I inherited the solution).


I suspect the only solution is to upgrade the solution to FileMaker 14. Has anyone had a good experience of Outlook 2016 sending emails from FileMaker 11?