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Server setup for locations with slow upload speed

Question asked by HammerOz on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by mikebeargie

HI all,


What is the best approach for setting up a solution for the following environment:

  • main office with 5 desktop users. Internet test was 20 / .8 Mbps. The solution will have containers for photos and docs.
  • remote users with iphones and ipads offline using a sync framework.
  • later, potential heavy use of webdirect for thier customers portal . Maybe 50 concurrent.


I am thinking along the lines of the office fm pro clients being separation model with a cloud based fm server remote data source. I am considering    local container tables, but not sure here. The container media needs to get to server at some point so may as well be at the point of insert? As the download speed is ok, download of container thumbnails shouldnt be too bad if accessed as a remote source on the office pro clients.


I could have the server in the office and that would be great for local speed, but no good for remote access and webdirect users due to the slow upload internet speed on site.


Would an office server and a cloud server be the premium option ?


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