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How to validate after auto-enter calculated value?

Question asked by gcardin on Nov 3, 2015
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Is there a way to validate data in a field after the user has enter the data? I create a calculated value based on two fields (2 IDs) with a validation for unique data. It works well but in some cases it can't work because validation is checked before user finish too choose.


Let say I have a project ID 5 and for "state project" user wants choice number 2. So my validation field will be 52. Problem will be with project ID number 52, I won't be able to add a state project because validation see that 52 is not a unique value has it's used by projet ID 5 + state project number 2 but in realty, the validation would be 522 if I could finish to select my data.


Is there any way to make the validation after both choices are selected?