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FileMaker slowness after server migration

Question asked by jessehogie on Nov 3, 2015
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I am sorry if a question like this has been answered already, I did not see one when I searched.


A while back my company migrated one of our clients to a new server (Windows Server 2008 R2) and went from FileMaker Server 9 to FileMaker Server 11. Ever since the migration the performance from the clients (A mix of FileMaker Pro 9 and 11) has been extremely slow. Opening databases and logging in takes 5-7 minutes. This is what we have tried/troubleshooted so far:


- Reinstalled FileMaker Server 11

- Tested their data in our environment, not slow

- Reviewed FileMaker's suggested network performance guides and set everything as they suggested, no change

- Tested general network performance to the server (pings, browsing to shared directories), no slowness

- Created a new database from scratch, no slowness


It only seems to be FileMaker related items that are slow. The fact a new database was not slow points to their existing data as the cause, but when we move the data here, its not slow.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. The client is in Puerto Rico and I am trying my best to solve this and not go on site!


Thank you!