[ANN] site devoted to FileMaker development on Mac OS X.

Discussion created by ghedlundsr on Nov 3, 2015

If you are a FileMaker developer on the Mac platform, my new web site should be of special interest to you.

It introduces AppleJackIt, a development framework for integrating AppleScript into your FileMaker solutions.

While there is a considerable amount of controversy in using AppleScript with FileMaker, I believe there is significant opportunities to extent the capabilities of FileMaker beyond its current realm.

Part of the objection to using AppleScript with FileMaker is that it is only available on the Mac OS X platform. The other is that the scripting language itself can be difficult and frustrating to apply without the proper tools and experience. 

There are many tutorials, hints and tips and samples of AppleScript on the Web and many with reference to FileMaker. None of these sites attempt to define a standardized methodology and approach to utilizing AppleScript within FileMaker. 

AppleJackIt allows the developer to access all of the resources and capabilities of the Mac OS X operating environment. This includes AppleScript enabled applications from Apple, Adobe and other 3rd party developers. With the Xcode development environment, these capabilities can be extended infinitely.

All of our scripts are parametrically driven so that you do not have to deal with the AppleScript language at all.

Please check us out at