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      Hi everybody,


      This is my first ever post on here so if I do any mistakes, I apologize in advance.


      I am currently using FMP14 and I have an inventory file on it with lots of products. Every time me or my team members modify a product, I see on the bottom "Modified by xxx and the date/time'. Is there a way to add a feature or to see all edits until now on each product or I can only see the last edit?


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          Depends on how you have things set up. It sounds like there is are auto enter fields in the table definition that set the modification timestamp and the modification account name. These fields will only show you exactly that data for the most recent change. If you want more you'll have to build it. The simplest possible audit tracking system i've ever seen is Ultralog by Nightwing Enterprises. it used to be free but then they went and made some huge improvements to it and decided to charge for it. Well work the dime IMHO

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            Short answer is yes, you can add a feature to do this. As Kris points out, you can use something like Rightwing's Ultralog, which is quite fast and unobtrusive. Unfortunately, no longer free (of course, we all like being paid for our work, too, so I try not to complain too much).


            An alternative would be to create a table of modification timestamps. Using an OnRecordCommit Script Trigger, you can simply create a new record in that table each time a user makes a change. It's a bit of work to set up, but not too difficult. It does have the disadvantage of not working from a web-published solution directly (you'd have to add functionality for that), but that may not apply in your case.





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              Thumbs up to Ultralog from me.


              And Mike, not sure of Ray Cologon's political leanings, but that should be NightWing! Another spellchecker misread, no doubt.

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                LOL. Yes, definitely a typo.  

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                  Thank you very much to you all! I am trying the Ultra Log.