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    list non related records in related tables


      I have two tables, one called Contacts with address, email, etc; and a second table with specific information for some of the Contact records. They are related by = for Name. This works fine.


      How to list the Contact records that do not have a related record in the second table?


      Tried a second Contact (TO) table with a Name link that is 'not ='. This showed all Contact records including those with secondary info. I also tried a Layout/Form with a Portal to list Contacts with the 'not =' relationship. This also listed all records.


      I'm fairly new to FMP and am not yet into scripting. I thought TO's would do what I want. What am I missing?


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          Two thoughts:


          #1.  The link between the two tables would be better if it were not a field in use (autoenter Serialized ID).  Surely you'll come across two people with the same name....


          #2.  Look from a layout based on your "specific information" table...put the ID key from your contacts table on it, and do a find for Contacts::UniqueID is blank from the perspective of "specific information".

          That will leave you in a found set of "specific Information" that has no Contact associated with it.