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Importing records using script

Question asked by tays01s on Nov 3, 2015

I want to be able to export/import records as .fmp12 files between Runtime solutions using a script.


I have some simplistic Qs before starting:

1. Having set a filepath, my import script takes me to: 'Folder of files import options', however there appears to be no option for an fmp file. For an fmp12 file do I have to stipulate the whole filepath including filename and, therefore, does it have to be a std filename?


2. I can export a record from the Parent layout getting all the related records shown in the portals too. I know I have to import one table at a time. However, how do you a. get the dialogue to match fields and b. will this work OK when match will be T2::Date to Date on the target T2 layout?