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    Prevent changes in found records


      How do I prevent users from changing data in records that show up as a found set? If I prevent entry to a field in find mode, the user can't search that field. If I prevent entry in browse mode, they can't enter new records. I'm sure there's an easy answer, but I haven't been able to find it.

      Thank you.

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          build separate view only and edit layouts is one way

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            One method is to have a global field or a global variable for the lock status and verifying its value each time a user wants to modify a field.


            Here is an example:

            define the following scripts:



            Set Variable [$$dataLock; "Write"]

            Exit Script []


            Set Variable [$$dataLock; "Locked"]

            Exit Script []



            If ($$dataLock = "Write")

                 Exit Script []

            Else if ($$dataLock = "Locked")

                 Revert Record/Request [No dialog]

            End if

            Exit Script []


            If a user shall not modify records, $$dataLock is set to "Lock" by calling LockWrite ()

            For each field to survey, set a script trigger




            to trigger the script UserAction.

            If $$dataLock = "Locked", the user's modification will be reverted. It still allows to view data, including scrolling and copying content.

            If you wish to define the lock state on a per-record basis, define a field "dataLock" in the table and modify the above scripts accordingly.