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    Transferring Records Between Tables


      How do I transfer a record from one table to the next?


      I have inventory in one table and a record of all products sold in another.


      I would like to run a script transferring a record/product purchased to the table containing sold products once I change the field status from "in-stock" to "shipped." 


      Being new to FileMaker, I would ask that you respond in the simplest terms possible.


      Thank you and I would greatly appreciate any help!

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          This sounds like you need to build a proper inventory management and product sales application.

          To do this right is not a beginner level endeavor.


          One possible script prototype for the transaction you describe could be:


          Go to layout of table A.

          Find just the record you want to transfer.

          If ( found set = 1)

             Copy the values you want to transfer into variables via the set variable script step

             Go to a layout of table B.

             Create a new record.

              Set fields in table B with the values stored in variables.

              Commit records.


          //If more than one record is found then do nothing

          End IF

          Exit Script.