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Need help with a Join Table question

Question asked by margoth on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by PeterDoern

Background: My database has a People table and a Purchases table, which we use to track purchases by individuals (a one-to-many relationship, linked by a PPLID foreign key in the Purchases table). A co-worker wants to be able to start tracking purchases made by organizations. We actually already have an Organizations table, with an OrgID primary key.


So my (rookie!) question is this: if I make a new field in the Purchases table for the user to select a foreign key OrgID and link the tables, would that enable a purchase to be assigned to either an individual or an organization, basically turning the Purchases into a Join Table? This seems like a better option than creating a separate OrgPurchases table, since all the other transactional info would be the same...


Thanks in advance for any feedback or alternative suggestions!