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    how do you increment data in middlewords


      we have a excel spread sheet that has multiple records that we would like to separate.

      is there a way to increment in middle words function

      record (b1 b2 b3)







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          Skip -


          I'm not 100% sure I understand your question, but I think what you're asking is, "Can I separate data in a single cell into multiple records?" The simple answer is "yes". Typically, you would write a script that loops over the values and creates new records on each iteration. If the data exist as your example shows (where they're separated by spaces), you might do something like this:


          Set Variable [ $valueList ; Substitute ( originalData ; " " ; "¶" ) ]    // This converts the original data into a list

          Go to Layout [ {layout based on table where you want new records created} ]


               Set Variable [ $curValue ; GetValue ( $valueList ; 1 ) ]

               New Record / Request

               Set Field [ {field corresponding to values} ; $curValue ]

               Set Variable [ $valueList ; RightValues ( $valueList ; ValueCount ( $valueList ) - 1 ) ]

               Exit Loop If [ ValueCount ( $valueList ) < 1 ]

          End Loop

          Go to Layout [ original layout ]


          However, this method may not work properly with your particular data set. I really don't have enough information about your situation to say with certainty that it's a good fit. So let us know if this doesn't work.




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            Thank you

            I found that I have a variable labeled incorrectly.

            Thank you again for you r time


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