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Problem with FMP 8.5

Question asked by on Nov 4, 2015
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I am using FileMaker Pro 8.5. I know it's an older version, but it suits my needs just fine. Recently a problem developed that I do not know how to handle. There seems to be a bad sector in my file. I can get the file to a certain point, then, after that, it goes back to the beginning of the file no matter where I scroll it to. However, if I scroll far enough down, it will go where I want it to. Let me be more specific:


This is a data base of recordings of classical music mainly arranged by composer. It starts with composer Evald Aav. I can get it to scroll down to Beethoven Symphony No. 9. Then the page (arranged as a table) stops drawing. If I try to scroll down after that, it goes back to the beginning to Evald Aav. To get anywhere past the Beethoven Ninth, I have to scroll all the way down to the M's - after Mahler - then scroll back. This will bring up all the composers until I get back to Beethoven again.


I am afraid to add to this data base because its condition seems precarious. If I click on "Recover", I get the same color scheme I have used, but the fields are all entitled "Field Missing" and every record is filled with the same thing: "Field Missing". This has not happened before.


Please advise me. This data base is of great importance to me. Should I uninstall it, then re-install the program? I have the original CD-ROM disk.


Thank you for your help.