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    Help with Similar by


      I have a database that I made from a template which included a Similar By function in a box at bottom of my form.  I wanted to add two more choices for Similar By and just followed all the relationships, fields etc like to two that were already there.


      When I add my information on the form, the bottom box populates with the Similar by info depending on the button that is selected in the criteria.  My choices are Name, Item, Program and Division.  All of them work except Program.  I have looked and looked at each type of field, relationship etc and cannot find where the problem is and, yes, there are more than one entry that has the same program so it should show up.  Can anyone help me find where my error is?


      I am using Filemaker Pro Version 13

      Thank you in advance.

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          We would need your file to "find error".


          You can upload file here using "Use advanced editor" when writing reply.

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            Two things to check:

            1.     Field indexing of the match field used fort the Program relationship—relationship will not work if the field cannot be/is not indexed for some reason. This is probably OK, given that you say you've checked and rechecked.

            2.     Field content—is the content of the field(s) used and exact match? Sometimes it can look the same but actually be different because of field content that isn't immediately obvious, e.g., leading spaces, trailing spaces, trailing carriage returns, minor spelling differences, full stops.