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    Levels changed


      I noticed just now that "Levels" are changed more specific to FileMaker.

      I felt these are matched FM features so much, then not good for alias of points in community...

      And, why "Graph Guru" is greater than "Relation Builder" etc. ?

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          I found there is no "Action" link in the post just I make, only can edit Tags or make Reply.


          I wanted to edit since made a typo, "Relationship Builder" is correct.

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            Someone has been smoking at FM again. I have worked hard for my  "Button clicker" status. It isn't encouraging and oozes arrogance on FM's behalf. It is obviously good to encourage knowledgeable people to invest time in the community, but the level titles are rough for us lowly ranked pick pockets.

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              Hi all,


              I'm about to make an announcement about the level changes. They introduce many more levels than previously existed and were meant to be playful, not arrogant. I ran them past a few of my favorite (and kindest) people in the community, so I thought they had passed muster. But it sounds like they rubbed some people the wrong way, and I certainly apologize for that.


              We can easily change the actual level titles over the next couple of weeks or so if people want to make other suggestions. Though I'm working hard on other community-related stuff, so I wouldn't want to turn this into a major undertaking.





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                I was feeling bad about this and couldn't get to sleep without trying to fix it. Seems to me it was the first couple of level titles that could be perceived as demeaning rather than communicating mastery or commitment. I've changed them now. Hope this makes a difference! Cheers -- Mark

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                  Thanks for that Mark. I can move on with clicking buttons much more comfortably as a requirements gatherer! Good work on the community changes such as the ideas area.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    thank You very much Mark!


                    I realized this morning, that thre is an announcement - but only if I'm not logged in. When logged in, I don't have that announcement

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                      I am very sorry to hear that it bothered you that much. Maybe I'm of a different mindset. I viewed them as they were. Nothing more than playful titles.


                      In most conversations with other developers, we all kind of feel like hackers anyway, so I would never take offense at the titles. Primarily because they really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. The number of points one has here, has nothing to do with actual skill level and reliability as a developer. ( If I asked 275,000 basic FM questions I would appear to be the most knowledgeable FileMaker-in in the community )


                      Either way, I appreciate the kindness with which you always reply, and the effort you have put into making the community a comfortable place for all of us.

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                        That is very odd, mschneider. Have you tried refreshing your browser cache (command-R on Mac)? That might help.

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                          Thanks, jormond  (BTW, my spell-check always wants to correct this to "gourmand")! I appreciate your support and agree that one's point total primarily reflects one's level of participation in the community (plus certification). Since FMI wants to recognize and encourage this participation, the level names should feel motivating and positive, or at least playful. I'm glad that HammerOz brought up his issue with the names right away. To the extent that it's under my control (which is a big caveat), I want people's experience in the community to be a good one.

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                            Markus Schneider

                            don't know what is was... this morning, I logged off/on a few times - when logged off, the announcement was there, when logged on, nothing (but older)


                            this evening, it's fine - it's there (-:


                            THank You very much!

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                              Right on. I didn't me to imply HammerOz's thoughts were invalid. They aren't. I'm glad he spoke up too.


                              The diversity and variety of the community makes the whole community better. That's spot on!!