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Strange behavior in IWP, users on wrong record

Question asked by ryantittle on Nov 4, 2015

Well, I'm stumped. Hoping one of you can give me some insight. Here's the scenario:


User logs in, new record is created in Main_Menu table. (Show all, Omit all, New Record, User is on a Found Set of 1.)

User, during the course of their work, ends up at Purchase_Orders Table.

User navigates from Purchase_Orders to Main_Menu using the Go To Layout script step with the simple Specify Layout option, (no by name, by calc, etc.)

>99% of the time, user is on their original record on the Main Menu.

Reported so far are 5 occurrences by one user and 1 more by another where they are on the wrong Main_Menu record.


The concerning part is record they are now on. In all cases, the internal FileMaker record id (obtained by Get ( RecordID ) ) is the same for both the Purchase_Orders record they were on, and the Main_Menu record they are now on. These record id were NOT being used in the database structure at all. There is now a field in each of the two tables that is a calc of Get (RecordID), but these have only very recently been added by me as part of the debugging process while trying to reconcile/understand what I was seeing in the log viewer in the admin console. They are not used in any relationships.


Any ideas what I'm looking at here? Corruption? Indexing problem? For whatever reason, the web publishing seems to be holding on to the id from one table even after moving to another.


Server is latest version of 12 running on a Mac Mini. Both users reporting this issue have been on IE11. No know occurrences on FMP or FMPA.