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Scripting a Filemaker Open Dialog Window From WebViewer

Question asked by user24812 on Nov 4, 2015

We're trying to create a simple Post to Facebook feature using the MBS plugin and their "Post to Facebook" template. Posting text to a page is fairly straight forward but we are wanting to add a photo with the post (Facebook does not make this easy) so I've scripted a mouse-click on the "Add Photo" icon which presents the open dialog box to upload an image (see attached example). Once the dialog appears we would like to automate it to open a file from a Filemaker calculated directory/filename if possible. From what I understand this can be done with AppleScript but I am over my head in this. If anyone with knowledge in this area could point me toward a solution I would greatly appreciate it. I've attached a visual of where my very rudimentary "click-script" get's me to. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/solutions!