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Hello All,


Below is the script that I'm working in finding my materials that are expiring next month; I want that If I don't have any materials expiring for next month it will pop up a dialogue saying that I don't Have any expiring materials for the next month.


Can you please help me improve my script below.


Enter Find Mode[]


Set Field[Materials::Expiry Date,Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1


Perform Find[]


Set Variable[$found;Value:Get(FoundCount)]




Set Variable[$Counter;Value:1]




Set Variable[$names & GetNthRecord(Materials::Materials Name;$counter) & "¶"


Exit Loop If [$counter=$found]


Set Variable[$counter;Value:$counter + 1]


End Loop


If [Get (FoundCount) =0

Show Custom Dialog ["Materials Expiring Next Month"] "Sorry, You don't have any Materials Expiring Next Month"




Show Custom Dialog [Expiring Materials for the next month" Attention!! "ATTENTION!!!! NEXT MONTH EXPIRING Materials\"; \ & $names"


End If


If [Get (LastMessageChoice)=2


Go to Layout [original layout]


Exit Script


End If


Perform Script ["Prep to export']


Enf If



Thank you so much.