How do I remove Exchange Manipulator? It hijacked my FM

Discussion created by ryanmead83 on Nov 5, 2015
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Hi everyone,


I wanted to try integrating FM with Outlook so I downloaded the demo at Outlook Manipulator - Connecting FileMaker Pro to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server of this program.  The download is a zip file with a 32 bit and 64 bit plugin in .fmx64 format and a database.  When I'd run either it would never work, I think because it says you need matching versions of Outlook and FM (both 64 bit or whatever).  FM is 64 bit and Outlook is 32 and I'm not deleting Outlook to use 64 bit.  So I deleted the zip file.


Now however any time I start FM, the FileMaker logo spash screen is gone and replaced with this hideous Exchange Manipulator one, saying "This screen will go away once you buy Exchange Manipulator and that you must now wait a delayed period to load your application" then it sits there for like 15 seconds before opening FileMaker.  That alone has turned me right off this company and I wouldn't use them even if it did work.  It also puts this huge warning on the splash screen about "YOU ARE USING AN UNPAID VERSION.  THIS SPLASH SCREEN WILL BE REMOVED ONCE YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT" which was so embarassing when doing a customer demo ON FileMaker and I load it on a projector to have it say that, makes me look like I'm using a cracked version of FileMaker.


I went under developer options and everywhere I could think of but I can't find anything.  I've emailed them but haven't heard back so thought I'd post here.  Any suggestions?