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FMP 14 Custom Menu calc'd Command Names Not Displaying

Question asked by mardikennedy on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by mardikennedy

OSX 10.5.5; FMPA 14.03.


Have tested a file created in FMP 10 and converted to .fmp12; have also tested a file created in FMP 13.  Same problem in both files.


Solutions include custom menus with commands that are calculated, based on layout.  e.g. New x, New y etc.


Has worked fine v10 - 13, Mac and PC but in v14 Mac, displays only the generic term e.g. New Record.  When you go into the Define Custom Menu dialogues and check the calc, the result displays correctly within that dialogue, but not in the relevant tool bars on the various layouts.


Have tried deleting and replacing the calc, but didn't fix the problem.  No one else having this problem?  (Will check PCs next week)