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    Can't seem to filter a portal




      I have a layout for the table T06_Conceptos, and a portal for the table T06a_con_StatementLines||id_concepto|, and they are united via id_concepto.


      In T06_Conceptos, I have 2 global storage fields g_endDate and g_StartDate. The portal has the following filter:



      T06a_con_StatementLines||id_concepto|::LINE_DATE  ≤ T06_Conceptos::g_endDate and T06a_con_StatementLines||id_concepto|::LINE_DATE  ≥ T06_Conceptos::g_startDate



      But it does not work!!



      Any ideas appreciated!


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          It seems that portal filters need a good refresh once you change the value of a global field (or two).


          Are you using FileMaker 14? IF so, you can name the portal (Inspector / Position Tab, top area). Then use a script that has the step "Refresh Portal [<<portal name>>]"


          You'd have to then run this via a button on the layout that the user clicks on after updating the date fields, or run it as a script trigger on the fields. Script triggers will run before or after an event, so I would use the onExit trigger. To assign a script trigger, right-click on the field in layout mode, Choose "Set Script Triggers" and choose the onExit one.