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Summary:FM14 -> Multi file solution -> using custom ports for connection -> Can't authenticate

Product:FileMaker Pro


Operating system version:MAC Yosemite and Windows 7 + 8

Description of the issue:Multifile solution hosted on FMS14. Connecting with FMP14.

Server sits behind firewall with custom ports.


fmnet:/<IP or hostname>:14067/<filename>


You can connect to the first file, but when you run a script in that first file to open the other files in the solution, they open, but you get promoted with login dialog for the files, that is already open. The biggest issue is that no user/pass combination is accepted.


This issue has been introduced in FMP(A)14 as it is not present on FMP(A)13

I am suspecting that FM tries to go through port 5003 for the other files instead of the custom port that you arrived via.


Major problem.


If QA contact me offline, you can get direct access to some solutions, where you can explore the problem firsthand...


/ Claus Lavendt - DataManix - claus[a]


Additional information:

Server is FMS13 or FMS14, the issue lies with the client 14.

Internal FM accounts. Clients on Mac, have not had opportunity to test with windows.

It has really nothing to do with accounts. The problem is that when you wants to open the first file, you enter the address: fmp:/<hostname or IP>:14000/InterfaceFile

This works fine for this file. The InterfaceFile has external sources setup, which points to e.g. a data file. This is setup to just point simply to a file, next to the InterfaceFile. (file:DataFile)

FM14 is trying to open the DataFile via std. port 5003 and not through the originating port 14000.

FM13 is opening the DataFile via the originating port.

This is what the issue is about. And it is crucial for our testing servers, that you can access multi file solutions via a custom port, since we only have 2 public IP and can not get more.

This issue was originally reported May 31, 2015 but there has been no updates....