How to mask for the value of a number field with related text?

Discussion created by tkessler45 on Nov 5, 2015
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I have a database with an "Employees" table where each record has the following fields:

     ID (Number)

     Full Name (Text)

     Supervisor (Number)

To populate the Supervisor field, I created a value list that uses values from the ID field, and for this list chose the option to also display values from the "Full Name" field. To make things simpler I selected the option to show values only from the second field, which results in a value list of names when used as a popup list for the Supervisor field. This works as expected, and when assigned to the Supervisor field the value list shows employee names, but since the supervisor field is a number and the value list is actually ID numbers, when a name is selected in it then the ID number value is ultimately displayed. I'd like for there to be a mask that shows the employee name in this field, if possible, so the field uses ID numbers but just displays names for user-friendliness. I'm hoping there's a quick and supported way of doing this, as opposed to having to jump through hoops making odd relations and quirky uses of lists and variables to do this, but am open to any solution. Thanks!