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    merge/append pdf in filemaker go

    Xavier van Buchem

      My users would like to make their multi-page pdf report on their iPad and send it by mail.

      In filemaker go it is not possible to append a pdf.

      Has anyone found a workaround?

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          Are you sure it does not work? I definitely used it before.


          What script step you are using - "Send Mail" or "Save Records as PDF"? From what I can see they are both iOS compatible.You might have an issue with your file path (if you use Send Mail). Try to post code extract ot give more details about what you are trying to do.



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            That is unless I got your question wrong and you are trying to save one PDF and attach another. As far as I know, this is also supported.

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              Xavier van Buchem

              Hi Nicolai,


              In the  FileMaker Go® 13 Development Guide on page 15 is written:


              Some Save Records as PDF script step options aren’t supported:

              - appending records to an existing PDF

              So if I want to make one pdf from different layouts it is not possible on FileMaker Go. It works perfectly with filemaker pro.


              That's why I hope to find a workaround.

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                I stand corrected. This is the same in 14 Development Guide as well.


                Well, if it is not supported, you can not use it. The simple workaround is to build a pdf in one go. You can save multipage document in one step.


                Any reason pdfs have to be appended?

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                  OK, I've re-read you previous post - problem is in multiple layouts. The workaround would be to bring them into one.


                  You can use relationships, scripts or ExecuteSQL to build a single layout report.



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                    Xavier van Buchem

                    Yes, that could be possible but it wouldn't look very professional. Just to give you an idea of the report we are looking at:

                    First layout : cover page of the company.

                    Second layout : Basic information of the property

                    Third layout : List of all the spaces (goes up to 5 pages sometimes)

                    Fourth layout : List of recommandations

                    Fifth layout : Conclusion and signature


                    I hoped more a solution like sending the pdf's to a web service or making use of another app on the iPad by communicating trough "Open Url'' using a x-callback-url...

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                      it wouldn't look very professionalI

                      If you are talking about design of the report, it will look the same as the bunch of pdf's you are merging.


                      If you are talking about it not being as easy as most of the things in Filemaker, I do not see how it makes it unprofessional.

                      At the end of the day your end-user will not see the difference. They press the button, pdf being send.


                      You do have two lists here. I would try to use portal for the second one, although I know a lot of developers don't recommend it. The other option is to make a separate table for the report and populate it with script with report data. Using sort you can display two differently formatted lists.


                      Obviously a web-service is a good option. I am sure there are a few, but I do not now of your budget or expertise. This guys are round the corner from me and they build web services for FileMaker apps which are easy to integrate: Feedzon


                      I would really build it in FileMaker, but if you want to burn some money you can look at Jasper Services JasperReports® Server | Jaspersoft Community - there is a free version, but you will need a Java Developer or invest a lot of time. Even better option is Adobe InDesign Server - server side could be programmed with AppleScript or JavaScript, supports RESTful and SOAP, results are ridiculously good (it is headless InDesign client) and you can build hundreds pdfs at the same time, but the prices start at around $3500 a year.