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Using Filemaker protocol on Server

Question asked by dsblitz on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by dsblitz

I have a map of the world in SVG format, with each country in a field in FMPro. I've bracketed each country's SVG data ("Coordinates") with the FM protocol to allow clicking on the country to call up a corresponding record about the country in Filemaker:


"<a xlink:href=" & "\"" & "fmp://$/" & MapsAll & "?script=Tryout&amp;param=" &  CountryAbbrev & "\"" & ">" & Coordinates & "</a>"


This works in Filemaker Pro, using Webdirect, but when I host the file on Filemaker Server, rather than activating the script with the paramater "CountryAbbrev", the server asks me where FIlemaker Pro is located.


How can I get the above code to work directly on Server? /d