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Data entry validation questions.

Question asked by mh5yu on Nov 5, 2015
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I am new to filemaker and have a very specific question. Tried to find answers in the previous discussions but was unsuccessful.


I have two fields in the main Table 1 (field1 and field2) that BOTH draw values from the same field (field3), which is located in the other, related table Table2, in a drop down list control style. I would like to perform the following and don't know how:


1) I would like field1 to be always filled first (by the user), so BEFORE field2, i.e. I somehow would like to block data entry to field2 if field1 is empty (that means it has not been populated by any value from the drop down list).


2) I would like to ensure that field2 is never equal field1. In other words, I would like the solution to block/prevent the entry of the value into field2 if this value is the same as in field1. The alternative way to achieve this, is to set the drop down menu list showing up for field2 to have all the values from field3 except for the one already entered in field1.


I will greatly appreciate any help or advice. Please let me know if my question is unclear in any way. Thanks for your time.