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strange printing problem - FM 13 vs 14

Question asked by RayRomanczyk on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2015 by RayRomanczyk

I print fairly complex reports of about 15 pages. Report assembled as multiple calculation fields on a tall layout - field spans many pages. In FM 13 has worded solidly for years. Now with upgrade to 14, on the page 3-4 boundary of every report, a line or two of text content is missing at top of 4th page. If in preview mode on report layout, all looks good. If I export the contents of the test field, text is correct but I loose other formatting. If I manually print (doesn't matter to what printer), problem occurs. If from preview mode I export as pdf, same problem. Also if I try to save as pdf from print dialog box same problem.


This one is making me crazy. I'm on a networked server running FMS 14. Problem is same across users, computers, printers. The only folks who can print are those running FM 13.


Would very much welcome thoughts on this one. Thanks.