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Superfluous adding of CSS upon re-typing a label

Question asked by neutralbay on Nov 5, 2015

FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.2

MacOS 10.10.4



I've become very sensitive to styles and themes to keep things as light as possible.  I always save any styling of an object to a style (and then to the theme).


When you copy/paste an object (in this case, text), the style is intact. Upon changing the text itself (i.e. changing a label by typing from Class to Teacher) you now see the lovely red triangle next to the style name and accompanying asterisk (*). Of course before I discovered this, I would work, periodically check to make sure I had no localCSS, and I would see this.  Then time is spent hunting for the issue among dozens (at least) of objects on the layout.


Example of automatic style added after changing text:


self:normal .self


  color: rgba(20.3922%,20.3922%,20.3922%,1);




I simply click "Revert Changes to Style" from the Inspector and that addresses the issue.


I checked the style color in the theme and it's exactly the same as the added localCSS:

color: rgba(20.3922%,20.3922%,20.3922%,1);



Reapply the style to the object


Thanks in advance for the feedback or confirmation.