how to include all records related to original in email

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hello all

I have the following script which sends out an email updating the client of its status. The technicians may have 2 or three notes related to the record that need to go out in the email. That is this part

"¶¶The update to the reported problem:¶" &etr_note::etr_note_field &

Whats happening is that its only sending one of the notes not all that are related to the record. Although when you look at the portal inside the trouble report itself you see all that apply. So the portal is working, I am just not sure how to get all of the records to be included in the email.


Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client ; To: user::user_email; CC: problem::problem_responsible_email; Subject: "Update to RPI Trouble

Ticket ID #: " & ETR::etr_sn & " - Trouble Ticket Status: " &ETR::etr_status & " - Problem Type: " &ETR::etr_problem; Message:

user::user_f_name & " " & user::user_l_name & ", ¶¶The issue reported to "&problem::problem_responsible_dept&" in your name has

been updated. ¶¶Trouble Ticket ID #: " & ETR::etr_sn & "¶Problem Type: " &ETR::etr_problem & "¶¶Date of issue: " &ETR::

etr_date_occured& "¶Time of issue: " &ETR::etr_time_occured& "¶¶The update to the reported problem:¶" &etr_note::etr_note_field &

"¶¶Description:¶" &ETR::etr_description & "¶¶ -----------------------------------------------------------------------¶¶We thank you for your patience

and for more information contact the "&problem::problem_responsible_office&" office at ext "&problem::

problem_responsible_phone&" and reference RPI Trouble Ticket ID #: " & ETR::etr_sn &".

¶¶-----------------------------------------------------------------------¶"&problem::problem_responsible_dept& "¶Main Office " &problem::

problem_responsible_building & " " &problem::problem_responsible_room& "¶Phone "&problem::problem_responsible_phone& "¶Web

" &problem::problem_responsible_web ]