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    Solution opening on wrong monitor


      No big deal but something changed and now my solution opens on the wrong monitor. It has always opened on the main one but about 2 weeks ago it started on the wrong one. I can't seem to find a setting that would change it. I had the same problem with Firefox but fixed it by dragging it to the main screen and then clicking the "Enlarge" button. That doesn't work here.

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          Devon Braun

          One solution: Script trigger on first window open, and make use of the Move/Resize Window script step.

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            I'll give that a try. I'm just wondering what changed to make it start opening on the wrong window.

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              Devon Braun

              It's a good question.  I had a similar situation involving the default layout.  At some point for some reason the default layout changed in a database that had no "switch to layout" or "on window open" options checked or set.  I would have figured a save a copy as, or the memory from a last layout save, or simply the state of the db when last closed, but none of those seemed to have any effect.  I never was able to determine what caused the switch and ultimately just gave up and make use of an inits script for all clients and all solutions.

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                Windows or Mac?

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                  When you close a FMP file or quit FileMaker, it remembers the size and position of the last window that was open. This is when running the solution LOCALLY (not on FM server).


                  If you were then to host that FMP file on a FM server, it will continue to open where it last was.


                  So, if this is your situation, you need to take the file off line from the FM server and open it up locally on your computer. Then with just one window of your solution open, position it where you want it, size the window, etc. Then quit FileMaker. Transfer the file back to your FM server and it will work correctly.


                  Notes: Other things are "remembered" when you close a file. Things under the view menu such as grid settings, show sample data, etc. It is fairly common to have a OnLastWindowClose (shutdown) script that detects if the solution is hosted or not and if not hosted, it positions the last window, sets the desired layout, sizes the window, and so on. That way you don't have to remember this stuff.





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                    Devon Braun

                    BowdenData / Doug's right, but for one caveat.  My experience with this "remembering" has been mixed: sometimes positions etc. are remembered and sometimes they aren't.


                    A quick test may have revealed the cause of the inconsistency: You have to have made a change to the database before closing.  Moving or resizing a window is not a sufficient enough change.  Changing a data entry, making a change to a layout or script, etc -- it has to trigger a save.


                    Precisely in the moment you're trying to figure all this out -- opening and closing and opening and closing a file to test what's remembered -- you're frequently not interested on making any other changes to the database sufficient to trigger the very memory issue in question.

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                      Now that you mention it, I had forgotten about doing something to trigger a "save". I never really had this happen as my OnLastWindowClose script goes through and sets global fields to blank and so forth. That obviously is sufficient to trigger the save action.




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                        Devon Braun

                        I had forgotten about this issue altogether -- long since moved on to OnFirstWindow open initializations to deal with these little frustrations.  Thanks to MikeWile for bringing it up again, and thanks to Doug for having the solution.

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                          Running a Mac but solution on a Windows FileMaker 13 server.

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                            Thanks for the suggestion. I dragged the solution to the main screen, entered layout mode, moved 1 item up then down, entered browse mode, quit. Reopened and it opened to the correct screen.