Accessing binary field via ESS MySQL

Discussion created by MrBond on Nov 6, 2015
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I have a FileMaker Pro 14 database hosted on a FileMaker Server 14 accessing a MySQL Database on the same machine. It works perfect for nearly all fields. Except the binary fields, those are not supported. Nevertheless, what workaround should I do to read these fields? For information: in the fields are stored only PDF and JPG files. They should be displayed in a container field in FileMaker.


My first idea is to store the binary data directly as Base64 Text in a MEDIUMTEXT field in MySQL and then read this field via the Base64Decode function of Filemaker.


Another idea is to store the data in a MEDIUMBLOB field and trigger a SQL action on pressing a button in FileMaker that has a TO_BASE64 in the query and stores the data as Base64 Text in a separate field to display the content.


Any other ideas? What are the pros and cons of the mentioned solutions (if they work)?


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