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    Host and Client Compatibility


      Hai All,


      I'm planning to upgrade my FMPro 12 to FMPro 14 Adv.


      FMServer 12 Advanced is compatible for FMPro 14 Adv.? Can I develop in FMP14A & execute that using FMS12A?

      // This image is a Compatibility chart for FMS12A  (Reference Link)

      As per I known, FMP14A also has same extension that *.fmp12, right?

      But My question is, A Client using FMP14A can access FMS12A freely? Will it compatible? In that Reference Link it has FMP14 only in List. FMP14A not in list!

      // If I make you confuse here, So sorry for that!! Dont know how to ask!!

      - Suresh

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          Theoretically, yes, this can be done. There are some caveats to observe:


          1) Make sure the solution in question minds the functionality that is or is not compatible with Server 12. For example, don't try to execute PSoS on Server 12. And be careful about which functions evaluate on the server and which ones evaluate on the client.


          2) If you're using SSL to secure the connections between the client and the server, be sure to patch the server for the new SSL protocols. Otherwise, 14 will not be able to connect.


          Advanced vs. Pro doesn't matter. They're the same code base; Advanced just has some extra functionality.





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            Thanks Mike