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Value List sorting

Question asked by Hoochimagoo on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by krheinlander

I have created a table (table1) with various lists made in the order that I would like them to appear when used as Value lists.  This includes some blank records as well.  In the Value list dialog box, if I make the first field the values that I would like to appear for selection and make the second field the number field. When I create (in another table) a field that selects the appropriate Value list from table1 I cannot seem to only have the unsorted field one value appear in the drop down.  This is because FM doesn't offer the ability to show values only from the first field but sort based on the second field.  Could someone please guide me (a novice with FM) with a work around. I have read some discussions that have mentioned a "zero field' but am not sure how this works.  I tried just placing zeros (0, 00, 000, etc) in a separate sorting number field however it still shows up the zeros.