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iPad Pro FM screen size

Question asked by dsr1 on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2015 by mbk28

Hi All,


I'm downunder in Oz and we will be getting the iPad Pro as of 11 November.


I've been sweating on this evolution for a number of years. I have a large business application and although it looks great on the standard iPad it should look and work a whole lot better on the Pro.


OIS 9.1 has given me a little more vertical size and that's been great for a few layouts that were (and still are) somewhat cluttered.


From what I have been able to glean it appears that the FileMaker playground will be the same as the existing iPads, but I am still unsure.


Can anyone please let me know if the same layouts will scale to the larger screen.


Thanks in advance,