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    Default value in Case calculation not showing up when the source field is empty


      I am having trouble with the Case function returning empty values instead of the default value I specified. Can someone help me figure out what I am doing wrong with the Case function?


      Here is the calculation:

      Case ( Pet_and_Sang = "Channeling" ; "CHN" ; Pet_and_Sang  ≠  "Channeling" ; "NoCHN" ; Pet_and_Sang  =  "" ; "NoCHN" ; "NoCHN" )


      This works fine for records with something in the Pet_and_Sang field, but no value is returned when Pet_and_Sang is empty. Shouldn't it be returning the default value I specified of "NoCHN"? I have also tried to make it return this value when Pet_and_Sang is empty.


      Thanks in advance!