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    Scheduled Import Script


      I would like to create a script to import a found set of records on a regular basis from one FileMaker file to another FileMaker file. It would be ideal if the records exported could automatically delete once imported into the other file.


      I'm new to FileMaker, please make any steps provided as simple as possible. Thank you and I appreciate all your help!

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          The first thing to remember is that FileMaker can not import from another FileMaker file in a server-side script.  So the steps are:


          - in the source file/table, create the found set of records that you want to push to the other table

          - export it to TAB or Merge format, use the Documents folder as the export destination

          - navigate to the destination file/table, import from that file in the Documents folder


          Make sure to use only server-compatible script steps (use the compatibility view on the top right corner of the script editor).